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Our History

Kawakawa Bay is a small coastal settlement located on the eastern coast of the Auckland region. The bay is situated on the western shore of the larger Hauraki Gulf, approximately 50km southeast of Auckland City. It is a popular destination for boating, fishing and water-based activities.

The history of Kawakawa Bay is closely linked to the Maori people, who inhabited the area before the early settlers. Maori tribes have ancestral connections to the area, as seen by the formation of Pa sites at Waitawa Regional Park. These tribes relied on the rich land and sea resources for sustenance and trade.

During the 1800’s, European settlers began to arrive in the region. They established farms and settlements, bringing new agricultural practices to the area.


During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Kawakawa Bay developed as a holiday destination for Auckland residents. Its picturesque coastline and proximity to the city made it an attractive spot for recreational activities and beachside retreats. Over time, holiday homes and baches (small holiday
cottages) were built along the bay, and it became a popular getaway for families and tourists.

In the present day, Kawakawa Bay remains a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxed coastal retreat. Many of the houses are now permanent residences. Its pristine beaches, clear waters and scenic surroundings continue to attract visitors. The bay also offers
opportunities for fishing, boating, kayaking and other water sports.

The settlement itself has seen some development, with the establishment of a small community with amenities such as a dairy, garage, health clinic, library, church and kindergarten. However, it has retained its relatively peaceful and laid-back atmosphere compared to larger urban areas.

Kawakawa Bay's history is an integral part of the broader story of Auckland’s growth and development. It reflects the region's rich Maori heritage, early European settlement and the
evolution of the coastline into a recreational destination enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

We would like to keep adding to this page with old photographs, articles etc. which may be of interest to those living in Kawakawa Bay.   If you have anything of interest please contact the Association or hand in any photographs etc. to Kawakawa Bay Motors to put in the Association's mail.

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