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Kawakawa Bay Orere Health Clinic

Updated: May 17

Primary Healthcare Service.

We are located opposite the garage on Kawakawa-Orere Road.

The clinic is adjoining the library.

Contact details

22 Kawakawa-Orere Road

Kawakawa Bay Auckland 2585

Phone: 09 292 2812

Email (Patients):

Email (Business):

Healthlink EDI: kawakbay

For all emergencies, please only call 111.

Welcome to the Kawakawa Bay Orere Health Clinic

We are a predominantly rural based, nurse led clinic. This facility is for the use of our local community. It is run by a voluntary committee who diligently do fundraising and oversee the management of the clinic providing the best service possible.

We need your support to be able to keep up the standard we have for the clinic.

A voluntary annual donation helps maintain and continue to provide a high standard of healthcare in our community. Suggested donation is $60 per family or $30 single. We are a charitable trust so donations are tax deductible. Affiliated members of the clinic receive a discounted service fee.

The clinic is staffed by local registered nurses working part-time. The Clinic Committee oversees the Clinic and also the First Response Team.

Some of the things we offer:

  1. Blood tests

  2. Dressings - ACC & non ACC

  3. Dressings - District Nursing with referral

  4. Immunisations - scheduled childhood

  5. Covid Vaccinations

  6. Flu Vaccinations and scheduled adult immunisations

  7. BP tests

  8. Advice

  9. Education sessions

  10. Weight control

  11. Nurse consultations

  12. Cervical screening by appointment

  13. HPV Smear Test

  14. Suturing

  15. ECG

  16. Ear syringing

  17. Prescribed injections


Our team of nurses include registered ACC Providers & most are Authorised Independent Vaccinators. They all maintain a high level of Professional Development and training.

25 Kawakawa-Orere Road

Make an appointment

Please phone for appointments or email or book my vaccine.

All vaccinations by appointment only


Annual voluntary donation suggested fee of $60 per family or $30 per individual to become affiliated member


Clinic is open 09:00-12:00 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Tuesday session is held at the Orere Pt clinic (next to library) from 09:00-10:30 hours then nurse at Kawakawa Bay from 11:00-12:00


There is no out of hours assistance at the practice. We recommend you phone Healthline 24hrs on 0800 611 116 to speak to a registered nurse for advice.

Closed on all public holidays

For medical treatment Counties Care is our closest Accident and Medical Centre.

Please ring for appointments with the nurse.

For emergencies only please call 111 for an ambulance. If available the Kawakawa Bay First Response Team will respond ahead of St Johns Ambulance.

Public Holidays:

Closed on all public holidays. Preferred urgent care clinic out of hours: Counties Urgent Care.

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